If you want to ensure that your speech goes down a storm you need to ensure that you have done plenty of research on all the relevant subjects that the speech should cover and you also need to have a good idea of the kind of audience that you will be addressing. 


List of Possible Topics

Main Topics

Honeymoon destination

Wedding venue

How the couple met

Brides and grooms school/university days.

Hobbies and Interests

Family stuff.

Bride and grooms jobs/occupations

Interesting anecdotes.

Marriage quotes

Useful comebacks and put downs.

Extra Topics

Horoscope of bride and groom.

What is the first dance likely to be?

Does the date they are getting married on have any historical significance. – i.e did something famous happen on this day in history. 4th July American Independence day.

On the day on which America celebrates gaining it’s Independence (groom) has surrendered his independence to (bride)

Is there a major sporting event going off on the day of the wedding? In the May/June there is Wimbledon, July/August cricket, Sept-May football/rugby.

Have any of the guests come along way for the wedding?

Mention the bridesmaids and other people who have helped in the preparations i.e. who did the flowers etc.

Why were you chosen as best-man? Were you surprised to be asked? Were you surprised that any woman was stupid enough to take marry the groom given all his faults?

If you are the groom how did you go about choosing your best man? Is he a rock with good organisational skills? Or did you chose him because he's ugly and makes you look attractive?

How calm has the groom/best man been in the run up to the wedding?

How did you go about gathering material for your speech? Did you speak to friends and relatives of the bride and groom? Did you decide to leave certain things out of the speech so as not to embarrass the bride and groom.


The audience at a wedding is usually fairly mixed there will usually be a lot of children in the room as well as elderly guests such as the brides grandma etc. Obviously if the audience is mixed in this way you need to be careful with the subjects you cover and the language you use. If jokes are properly crafted you can usually get away with using innuendos that largely go unnoticed by the more sensitive souls in the audience.  




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