How the couple first met


It is always worth including something in the speech about ho the couple first met because some people at the reception won’t know. At any reception there will be mix of people including friends and relatives of the happy couple as well as work colleagues and friends and neighbours of the bride and grooms parents. Because of this diverse mix there are bound to be people attending the wedding who don’t know how the couple met.

If the couple met via work there is a lot of scope for gags about mixing work and pleasure etc. Or jokes along the lines of the groom bringing his work home with him.

If groom is higher up the ladder than bride at work potential for jokes about him being the boss at work but her wearing the trousers at home.

If a couple met in a pub one route to take with the gags is to say imply they were both drunk when they met.  Could the groom remember the brides name the next morning? Who phoned or text first to arrange the second date?

Did the couple actually hit it off when they first met or was the romance a bit of a slow burner? You could speculate about why it took so long to get together.

How did the groom describe the bride to you after the first time they met. Did her view her as being marriage material from the off? Did the groom keep her hidden away for a while before introducing her to his mates.

Was the groom looking for a potential wife when the couple first met or did he have a reputation for short flings.

Did the groom consult you about his new girlfriend asking for advice? If so what advice did you give him and did he heed your advice?

If the couple met quite a while back you could do gags about what was happening when they first met e.g. Petrol was only ______ a litre, beer was _____ a pint.

What record was at the top of the chart?

Why has t taken them so long to finally tie the knot?

Were bride and groom planning to lose weight before getting married?

Did it just take along time to find the venue or the right dress?

Did the couple need a lot of time to save up?

Were they just weighting to find the perfect best man?

(groom) fancied her the first time he saw her in the pub and luckily for him she still liked him even when she was sober

They met on a blind date but it proved to be a real eye opener.

They met in a pub that sells real ale pub – most of the regulars had beards and smoked pipes. And that’s just the women 

Before they went on their first date they spent a lot of time texting each other and speaking on the phone. On the first date they discovered they had at least on thing in  common, both had very large phone bills.

(Bride and groom) met at a speed dating event, she claimed she was only there to support one of her friend’s which was a bit of a coincidence because that was the excuse he used as well.

Before he met (bride), (groom) did have ago at speed dating. He had trouble listing all his good points in 30 seconds he usually ran out of things to say after about 10 seconds.

_____________ met in a Spanish bar, when the flamenco dancing started they just clicked.

When (groom) told me his new girlfriend was a stunner I asked him which slaughterhouse she worked at.

When (groom) was having trouble finding the right girlfriend he tried an Internet dating site. He said he was looking for someone who was small and cute and liked water-sport. The computer searched through all the candidates and eventually suggested he should date a penguin.

When (groom) described what his ideal girlfriend would be like a computer dating agency sent him his mum’s telephone number.

Before (groom) met (bride) he had trouble finding the right girlfriend. Some nights he would go as far as shaving one of his legs so it felt like he was sleeping with a woman.

 They met at the swimming baths and (groom) soon took the plunge.

They met a disco – she was dancing the Lambarda and he was doing the Douglas Barder

When she first saw him she thought he had the looks of a film star - Shrek

They actually met at a cash machine, she asked him what he was doing standing on one leg and he said ‘I’m just checking my balance.’

They met in an electrical shop and there was an instant spark

They met in a flower shop and from there the romance just blossomed.

(Bride and Groom) are a bit coy about how they first met but I think they must have met in a library because everything was hush, hush to start with.

They met at a BBQ – he liked her buns and she was impressed with his sausage.

They met at a karaoke night – when (groom) heard her sing it cut a chord with hi

I believe they met at a pizza restaurant (groom) took one look at her and realised she would take some topping

I believe they met at a Chinese take away he took one look at her and decided she would do for starters 

I believe they met at a jewellers, she was after some new earrings and he was returning an unwanted engagement rin 

He first spotted her at the traffic lights but she soon gave him the green light 

They first met in a supermarket, she was after some meat in cider and he wanted something sweet.

On there first date (bride) said ‘Aren’t the stars lovely tonight?’ And the groom said ‘I’m in no position to see.’

Before he met (bride) he had lots of girls banging on his door after a while he got fed up and let them out

They met on a blind date but it proved to be a teal eye opener.

They met in the frozen food aisle at Tesco’s but (grooms) chat up lines met with a frosty reception.

They met in a lift but luckily there haven’t been too many ups and downs in the relationship.

(Bride) met (groom) through work.  Care in the community has got a lot to answer for.

(Groom) met (bride) after placing an ad in he local paper saying ‘I’m after a reliable sporty type with low mileage on the clock and immaculate body work.  

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