Things to consider

What kind of school did bride/groom attend

Did either of them go to a school which was very posh or very rough.

Most posh school tend to have mottos so it’s always worth doing a bit of research to see what the motto is. You can then contrast this with an imaginary motto for a rough school.  i.e Eton – motto.

Did either bride or groom do very well at school i.e. academic high flyers.

What were their strengths and weaknesses at school

Did they like doing sport at school, were either of them any good at sport at school,

Did either of them keep trying to skive off from sports lessons.


Did bride and groom go to college or university?

What subjects did they study at university?

Some subjects offer more scope for humour than others. i.e. subjects considered as Micky mouse subjects are easier to make fun of than subjects like medicine and engineering. 

Equally there are lots of stereo-types about what a science graduate might be like etc. These stereo-types can provide you with a lot of material especially if the couple don’t match up to the stereotype. i.e. ‘Unlike most engineering graduates – (groom) has actually got a good sense of humour.

Did the couple meet at university?

Did any famous people study at the same university as bride and groom

What did they do at university apart from study i.e. were they in any clubs or societies.

Are there any funny stories relating to their time at university?



When a pupil has the letters G & T after his or her name it usually means they are considered to be gifted and talented and have a lot of potential. In the case of (groom) teacher wrote G&T after his name because she knew that she would need a large G&T after teaching him all day.

While some pupils excel in the classroom (groom) was often outstanding in the playground.

When (groom) read his first school report he thought the teacher had described him as an ideal pupil, but then his mum had to point out that I D L E actually spells idle.

(groom) was in trouble so often at school that the chair outside the heads office had his name engraved on it.

(groom) claims that poor exam results are proof that at least he didn’t cheat.

(groom) denies being responsible for a piece of graffiti in the boys toilets which read,

‘Anyone can pee on the floor but it takes a real genius to crap on the ceiling’

(groom) was not very good at reading signals at school, he thought all the red crosses in his books were a sign that the teacher really loved him.

When (groom)left school there was a big party but sadly he wasn’t invited.

At school (groom) was often described as outstanding - in the corridor.

(groom) was rubbish at biology because he didn’t know his arse from his elbow

At school (groom) was good at Art and Geography so the careers teacher suggested that he should get a job painting the white lines down the middle of roads

(groom) went to the country’s only inflatable school but sadly after an unfortunate incident with a pair of scissors the entire school collapsed.  When the Head teacher spoke to him afterwards he said you’ve not just let yourself down but you’ve let the hole school down as well.

(groom) was well liked by his English teacher because his work as always so quick to mark.

(groom) could often be a slow coach when going to school but when the teacher said you should have been here 10 minutes ago he would just say ‘Why what did I miss?’

At school (groom) was very good at Maths, one day the teacher said to him ‘If you have £10 in one pocket and £20 in the other pocket what have you got’ he said ‘Someone else’s trousers on.

When (bride) was at school she always used to dream about growing up and marrying a prince – unfortunately she ended up with Shrek.

(groom) thought he was a genius at infant school because he finished a jig-saw in 20 minutes and on the side of the box it said 4-6 years.


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