Interesting or funny anecdotes


Most embarrassing experience you had with the groom.


The angriest you’ve ever known the groom. What caused him to be angry.

What is the groom’s strangest habit?

What is the biggest mistake that the groom ever made?

How long did it take groom to pass his driving test? What was his first car?

Things that are funny now but didn’t seem funny at the time.

What were the grooms biggest fashion blunders. Can you get some pictures of groom wearing silly items of clothing or fancy dress.

Trials and tribulations of members of bride/grooms family.

Stories about the build up to the wedding. Stage or Hen night stories.

Stories about which guest have travelled furthest to get to the wedding. A good twist on this is to say and ____ has come from Iceland, that’s the supermarket not the country.

Did the groom seek your advice before going out with bride or before popping the question.

Does the groom have any nicknames and how were these nicknames acquired.

What celebrities does the groom look up to?

Has the groom ever recounted any dreams to you?

Has the groom ever been in the papers or on the telly for something he has done?

If you are really struggling for material you could just do a search for general wedding anecdote or funny wedding stories.









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