Make sure your wedding speech 
raises more than a titter!

Crispin Fisher

I have been writing jokes for over 20 years, as well as writing material for TV and radio I have written for a number of Stand Up comedians. In recent years I have used my skills as a joke writer to provide tailored jokes for use in wedding speeches.


As well as providing a fast efficient joke writing services all customers receive a free e-book containing tips and advice on writing and delivering speeches at a wedding

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Track Record

I have be supplying carefully tailored wedding jokes to speech writers and speech makers for over 10 years. I know what subjects provide the best scope for jokes and I ensure that the jokes are funny and appropriate for any kind of audience.


"I had been very nervous about giving the speech but from the moment I got my first laugh I was able to relax and enjoy all the attention." -- Steve, London

"Writing the speech was so much easier after I got your email." -- Andy, Stoke


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